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Just when you thought Kanye West couldn’t stir the pot further, he devises an outfit all but guaranteed to tear the internet in twain. Begone Balenciaga boots: Kanye now reps socks and sandals.

But these aren’t just regular sandals. Ohhhh no, that’d be too easy. As a matter of fact, Kanye’s style is so advanced that he’s stepping out in black socks bisected by studded flip-flops.

Mentally steel yourselves and behold:

The footage don’t lie, folks.

Kanye, the man behind the billion-dollar YEEZY sneaker brand and fashion empire, attended Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show on September 26 wearing what appear to be a pair of formal flip-flops.

You can’t make this up! Here, I’ll even get the obvious joke out of the way.

Let’s break down the actual outfit for a second.

Kanye’s clothing was pretty par for the course for what he’s been wearing these days: Ye had on a grey hoodie, massive beard, leather shirt, another leather shirt tied around the waist, and matching leather pants.

So far so normal. And then, we get to the feet.

Computer, enhance.

I mean, what else can I say? Dude is literally wearing black business socks and studded flip-flops.

As an ardent Socks And Sandals Enjoyer and Flip-Flops Apologist, I cannot describe how much it pains me to condemn any outfit in support of either camp. But Kanye’s flip-flops really take the game to the next level, for better or worse (or much worse).

This is a real blow to us socks and sandals fans. In fact, I daresay that we can all collectively agree that black socks and studded flip-flops are at least one sock-clad toe over the line.

It’s hard to tell whether Kanye or perhaps one of his kids DIY’d the studs atop the sandals’ thong or if they came like that. Ye’s foot obscures the footbed logo but the fact that there’s some sort of heel strap certainly implies that these aren’t merely a customized pair of Havaianas.

Still, it’s even harder to say that this is truly an upgrade from the knee-high boots that’ve been Kanye’s signature for the past year. They’re certainly less functional, though they’re, uh, objectively more eye-catching.

No YEEZY SHDZ or YEEZY GAP in sight, which is probably for the best: Ye knows to let these studded sandals speak for themselves.

Also: just prior to arriving in London on September 25, Kanye posted a string of Instagram Stories and, I have to admit, a few of them are pretty funny.

Funny enough to make up for the studded flip-flops? Not a chance.


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