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HBO Max's The Last of Us Trailer Breakdown


's The Last Of Us Trailer Breakdown

The first teaser trailer for HBO Max's The Last of US upcoming TV show, based on the best-selling video game, has arrived. Until now, we've only seen a handful of stills, but now we get our first look at Joel (Pedro Pascal) Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and even a Clicker making some noise and giving us a nice jump scare at the end.

The Last of Us received a straight-to-series order, which means HBO is not filming a pilot episode and is instead launching directly into the series. Kantemir Balagov directed the season premiere, while celebrated directors Jasmila Zbanic and Ali Abbasi have also been tapped to direct episodes in the first season. The creative director of the game Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin (HBO's Chernobyl) are also signed on as executive producers.

So when the teaser dropped, we sat down and went through the almost two minutes of footage and broke down some Easter eggs and what we might actually get in the first season, and what things might have changed.

Fans have been anticipating this first look for years and while the series doesn't hit HBO Max until sometime in 2023, it looks like it will be worth waiting a little longer for with what we've seen so far.

Joel's watch

At the start of the trailer, we see Joel wearing a broken wristwatch. Joel wore it at all times even after it broke, ever since his daughter Sarah (played by Nico Parker in the upcoming series) gave it to him as a birthday present. It is even broken the same way with cracks that mirror its in-game counterpart.

Look for the light

The Fireflies were a revolutionary militia group featured in both The Last of Us games, but in the trailer, we see a town come together and paint over their symbol at the start of it. Fireflies revolted against military oppression in numerous quarantine zones around the United States, intending to restore government control but were mostly unsuccessful.

We got our first look at Bill

In the trailer, we got our first quick look at Bill, seemingly ready to fire on Joel. Bill and his partner Frank were the only survivors living in Lincoln, Massachusetts, a town that was populated by an unusually large number of infected. At some point, Frank left Bill on his own and disappeared. Since then, Bill booby-trapped and set up barricades around his small town for his protection.

Click, click, click

Clickers are a type of infected that appear throughout the game. They're a little more difficult to take down than Runners but are blind and react heavily to sounds. Here, we have Joel tell a small group to keep quiet as a Clicker make themselves known by their trademark call.

Queen Firefly herself, Marlene

Marlene is the Firefly leader and the main antagonist of the first game. She was once close to Joel's brother, Tommy (played by Gabriel Luna). Leading the Fireflies, Marlene fought against the totalitarian rule of the military within the quarantine zones to restore a form of functional government. The Fireflies have been successful in overthrowing military rule in several zones, namely Salt Lake City where she established her base.

Where it all started

Towards the end of the trailer, we see Joel and his daughter Sarah as they try to escape Austin. In The Last of Us game, this is how Joel's journey begins. You play as Sarah then as Joel trying to get himself, his daughter, and try to find Tommy to leave the city and figure out what's going on.

Welcome to Boston

In the game's timeline, in 2033, the United States military currently controls Boston with the city acting as one of the last functioning quarantine zones in America. Ellie was born there and lived in the city before meeting Joel.

Riley on the carousel

Riley Abel, played by Storm Reid, is a main character of the first game and appears in flashbacks and part of the first DLC content. Her friendship will Ellie was the focus of the Left Behind DLC, and we see the two teens share a moment on the carousel in the deserted mall. T

Full look of a Clicker

The trailer ends on a full horrifying look at a Clicker and, wow, they're exactly how they appear in the game. We saw hints of a Runner while Joel was in Austin, but no signs of Bloaters or Crawlers just yet, but it's good to know the show won't shy away from the visual imagery of the game.

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