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What is Insurance and What Are the Benefits?

 Currently, many insurance companies have emerged and more customers are joining insurance companies.

In addition, there are also many insurance companies that offer their superior products with various attractive services that can be obtained by all customers.

What is insurance?

Well, summarized from Lifepal's official statement, here is an explanation of what insurance is and its benefits.

Insurance is an agreement between two parties, namely the insured person (policy holder) and the insurer (insurance company) receiving a premium in return for replacing or reducing losses from the policy holder due to damage or loss due to an uncertain event.

The explanation is according to Article 246 of the KUHD. From an economic point of view, insurance is the collection of funds that can be used to cover or overcome losses to the person in accordance with the terms and conditions and applicable laws.

What are the benefits of insurance?

Well, after knowing what insurance is, then here are a number of insurance benefits:

Can provide protection and a sense of security, from the risk of financial loss that is likely to occur in the future in accordance with the agreement that has been guaranteed by the insurer.

Provide certainty in reducing the uncertain consequences of adverse circumstances, which cannot be predicted in advance.

Can distribute costs and benefits more equitably.

Can be used as a means of saving. In certain types of insurance, the insured funds can be taken in cash.

Make life more calm, because all the risks that may occur in the future already bear.

Several types of insurance companies in Indonesia

Furthermore, please note that there are several types of life insurance, health insurance, and car insurance. The following are examples of car insurance in Indonesia:

1. Wahana Tata Insurance Company

Asuransi Wahana Tata is a general insurance company that has obtained a license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), and has been established since 1964. This company has superior products that include transportation insurance, car insurance, and other insurances.

The advantage of this insurance company is that it offers conventional and sharia-based products. All insurance units, both conventional and general sharia, have been registered and have obtained operational permits from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.

Wahana Tata Insurance (ASWATA) has many product choices, one of which is Wahana Tata Aswata Oto A+ insurance. The product is one of the car insurance by providing compensation services for the risk of damage to the vehicle. Another car insurance product is Ladies car protection A+.

2. General Takaful Insurance Company

This company is one of the pioneers of sharia-based general insurance in Indonesia. Although sharia-based, the products offered are quite a lot.

In vehicle insurance, getting services in the form of compensation for the risk of loss of an insured vehicle.

Project insurance, getting services in the form of compensation for machine losses that interfere with project continuity.

Property insurance, services for property losses that have been insured.

Legal responsibility as well as third parties, compensation services for third party losses.

Money insurance, service against loss of money and important documents that have been insured.

Personal accident insurance, services in medical administration, disability due to accidents, and death.

Property insurance, compensation services for assets that have been insured.

Transportation insurance, service for the risk of loss of goods during the transportation process.

Thus an explanation of the meaning of insurance and its benefits. As well as examples of insurance companies in Indonesia.

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